Company of Education,
Research, Co-creation,
Innovation, and Training

We contribute to learning and health for all by creating and popularizing new healthcare and welfare education.

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OUR MISSIONWe contribute to
learning and health for all.

「“CERCIT” is an acronym for “Company of Education, Research, Co-creation, Innovation, and Training,” and represents our aspiration to build a co-creation space connecting and circulating education, research, and innovation, and then form a circuit for learning and health for all through the services generated there.
In the current era, extensive healthcare information and learning content are easily accessible. The smallest spark can trigger a moment when people develop an interest in their own health or that of someone important to them. This also holds true for when they want to acquire healthcare or welfare skills to help people or to improve skills they have already acquired. Our mission, therefore, is to carefully understand the desires of people to learn and keep learning, to improve knowledge and techniques for all through new services, and to connect these to people’s health.

BUSINESSWhat we do


Healthcare training

We host and organize (i) specialized training for, people who are currently working, or intend to work in the healthcare sector or welfare facilities, and (ii) seminars on healthcare for those responsible for the safety of citizens, children, and their families.


Development and sale of healthcare education equipment

We develop and sell teaching material for healthcare education (simulators and learning support systems). To date, we have developed models and a range of education systems for healthcare professionals, such as the US-Sensist series of ultrasound-guided puncture training models.

COMPANYCompany Profile

Company name
CERCIT Co., Ltd.
3-34 Hirosemachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi 980-0873MAP
August 23, 2022
JPY 1,000,000

Yokokawa Yuta (CEO)

Fukita Hiroyuki (CSO)


Arata Yutaro (COO)

Onishi Eiko (CXO)

Kobayashi Masakazu (CMO)

Obara Teruki
Imai Ryuichi